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Django shortcomings and Facebook architecture

I’ve watched two presentations lately that I enjoyed, so I thought I’d link to them here.

The first one is by Cal Henderson at DjangoCon 2008. Cal is an engineering manager at Flickr, which not surprisingly is written in PHP, and he delivered a keynote address on why he hates Django.

Although made tongue-in-cheek, it contains a bunch of very valid points about Django. One of the main ones being Django’s monolithic database approach. This is probably also my own biggest concern with Django. I have first-hand experience of making this design mistake for a web site that grew rather big, and it can easily turn into a major and prolonged headache.

The other presentation is by Aditya Agarwal, an engineering director at Facebook, at QCon SF 2008. Aditya talks about the Facebook software stack, which somewhat crudely described is a normal LAMP stack, albeit heavily tuned, backed by memcached and a number of backend services. Facebook is obviously a very extreme environment but many of the design choices and observations in this presentation are valid for smaller sites too.